The Branning Group is proud to announce the Agent CRM Partner Program.

This ambitious project was designed with the intention of helping our biggest affiliates increase their recurring revenue and build their brand.

Here’s how it works:

You fill out the form below to apply to join our partner program.

You tell us which funnels and workflows (that you have created) you want to be included in your partner snapshot.

The Branning Group team will set up your partner landing page, and connect it to your personalized affiliate link. 

The revenue for your paid snapshot will be split 50-50, and that money is added to your affiliate account immediately.

Any customer that goes through your partner landing page will be tied to your affiliate account, and you will earn $30 per month from each customer. The monthly dues will start being added to your affiliate account after their two-week trial is over.

If you charge $97 for your snapshot and you recruit 20 clients, here’s how much money you’ll make:

First Month Revenue: $970 ($48.50 * 20)

Monthly Recurring Revenue: $600 ($30.00 * 20)

If you recruit 20 customers, you’d earn $7,570 in a year.

The Partner Program includes even more additional revenue opportunities! 

  1. If your lead buys additional products from us, you get 20% of the revenue from the sale

  2. If your lead joins our affiliate program, you earn a portion of revenue from all of their leads! 

    We want you to see the Branning Group as a revenue stream of your business. 

We will help you make this work and make you successful. 

We are going to make this easy for you.

This will help build your brand. 

Ready to get started? 

Fill out this form: 

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